Welcome to Leah's Dog Training with Leah and Helen

As humans we communicate through verbal sounds, body language and facial expressions.  Your dog also communicates through verbal sounds, body language and expressions, but …… they are two completely different communication methods.  You do not have a tail to wag, or hackles that rise, or ears that move.  Your dog cannot say "I'd like to go for a walk now", or frown and smile.  Our training methodology enables two species to communicate and understand each others behaviours and communication styles.

We believe in praise and reward based training.  We encourage positive re-inforcement of good behaviour so that your dog learns that good behaviour is rewarded and bad behaviour is ignored.  Rewarding your dog for positive behaviour can take many different forms, from verbal praise, play, petting, toys and food rewards.  What is most important is that you know your dog well enough to understand what motivates them.

Before you can start to train your dog, you need to know and understand their personality. Every dog and owner learn at different speeds and in different ways.  Therefore it is important you know your dog, and we get to know you!  When you first join our classes, we will ask you to describe your dog's personality in 5 words.  Lets give you some examples:-

img_3424Harley 1999 – 2013 ~  Robust, confident, lazy, noisy, greedy


dog-training-classes-035Brae 1999 – 2012 ~  Nervous, grumpy,

playful, tactile, unsure




Stanley ~ Confident, relaxed, mellow, intelligent, and Smelly!!!



Now we can begin!