dog-training-classes-034Harley enjoys Tuesday evening training because after demonstrating his skills, his attention turns to stealing other dogs treats! 



img_3376I'm Zena, a chocolate labrador, and I love coming to training on Tuesday evenings, especially as I get lots of treats!  I don't get told off as much as I used to, and I get to meet lots of new friends.


 img_7509Leah and Helen have proved to me, in only a few weeks, that all dogs possess ability and talent.  They have done so by showing all of us the right buttons to press to get the desired response from our dogs.  Just like children dogs learn quicker if learning is fun.  We have found that Leah and Helen's classes always produce that "training is fun" environment.  Moet and Keith.



Leah and Helen's dog training lessons have been really good for my two year old boxer dog Junior and myself.  Not only do they teach you things to practice with your dog each week, but they also help the owners and teach them how to speak to their dogs, give the appropriate hand signals and generally build our confidence.  Junior can be a handful and can sometimes be disruptive but Leah and Helen are very patient and understand all dogs are different and there will be times when each dog is a at a different level to another.  It's a friendly environment and me and Junior have  learned a lot!  Hayley & Junior.


img_3220My name is Chazi and I am a 10 year old puppy.  I used to go to Leah and Helen when they were at Lyndhurst and was very disappointed when they could not continue.  I won the Best Achiever Award in 2008 much to everyone’s surprise as I do get a bit excitable.  But imagine my excitement when they were able to restart at Blackfield.  I am living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks.  But I am having a bit more trouble training my owners than Leah and Helen are having with me.  Chazi, Jane and Malcolm